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The Freetrail Podcast with Dylan Bowman

Dec 28, 2022

Corinne Malcolm is a pro runner, Freetrail's Editor-in-Chief, & Trail Society co-host. In this episode, we discuss the biggest stories and performances from the 2022 trail racing season and look ahead to the future of the sport in 2023 and beyond.


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Dec 22, 2022

Christian Meier is a Canadian trail runner living in Girona, Spain. He was a professional cyclist for many years before retiring to focus on various entrepreneurial ventures. He later became enamored with the sport of trail running and has emerged as a very solid pro, sponsored by Buff. We talk about his cycling...

Dec 14, 2022

Bailey Kowalczyk is a pro trail runner from Boulder, CO. This season, Bailey finished fifth place overall and the 2nd American at the Golden Trail World Series Final in Madeira. Bailey has a powerful personal story and a ton of potential in the sport.


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Dec 8, 2022

Martina Valmoassoi is an Italian professional trail runner and ski mountaineer. She's also a professional photographer and runs a small brand called Insane Inside. In August, Martina won TDS, the 145k race as part of UTMB week. 


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Dec 6, 2022

This episode is a conversation between host Dylan Bowman and Freetrail team member and the inventor of fantasy trail running, Travis Loncar, to announce the launch of Trail Runner of the Year -- a new year-end award recognizing the best athletes in the sport for the 2022 racing season.