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The Freetrail Podcast with Dylan Bowman

Mar 21, 2023

John Kelly is a two-time finisher of the infamous Barkley Marathons. One of only seventeen people to finish and one of only three people to finish more than once. In this conversation we discuss the 2023 race, the mentality that led to success, and what makes the event such a puzzle. 


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Mar 16, 2023

Jeff Browning is an ultra running legend, living in Flagstaff, AZ. In this conversation, we discuss his Jeff’s rural midwestern roots, his relationship with Karl Meltzer, the evolution of the sport, graphic design and personal brand, longevity and DNFs, 200 mile racing, and a lot more. Hope you enjoy the show.


Mar 14, 2023

Last week, Business of Fashion published an article calling trail running “activewear’s next big category” citing the emergence of startup brands and the market growth that’s attracted incumbents from the road and track space.

It’s an exciting time in the sport, so we figured we do a show analyzing the brand...

Mar 7, 2023

Allie Ostrander is a pro runner from Seattle, WA. She has been a world-class athlete since high school, eventually going pro as a track and road runner after an illustrious career at Boise State University. Allie recently went through a hard moment in her career, struggling with an eating disorder, injury cycles, and...

Mar 6, 2023

We're proud to launch a new show in the Freetrail Podcast Network -- The Sub Hub, hosted by Dani Moreno and EmKay Sullivan. As the name suggests, the show will focus on sub-ultra distance trail racing both domestically and internationally. Dani and EmKay both race professionally on the sub-ultra circuit for Adidas...