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The Freetrail Podcast with Dylan Bowman

Jul 26, 2021

Sabrina Stanley is an ultrarunner from Silverton, CO. Recently Sabrina won the legendary Hardrock 100 for the second time and in the second fastest time in history. In this conversation, we discuss Sabrina's background, her development as an athlete, her Nolan's 14 FKT, Hardrock, her goals for the future and...

Jul 23, 2021

In this episode, roles are reversed. This time I'm interviewed by my big brother, Jason Bowman, all about the recent Hardrock 100 where I finished 2nd place. Hope you enjoy!


Dylan's Strava Activity from the run


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Jul 9, 2021

Tim Johnson is a longtime professional cyclist and six-time national champion. He had an incredible career and is one of the true pioneers and legends of cyclocross. The thing I admire so much about Tim is that he's managed to continue to have a big impact and influence on the sport of cycling long after...