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The Freetrail Podcast with Dylan Bowman

Nov 13, 2023

Today it was announced that a consortium of independent races has come together as an alliance known as the World Trail Majors. It includes the Hong Kong 100, Black Canyon 100k, Transgrancanaria, Madeira Island Ultra Trail, Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji, Swiss Canyon Trail, South Downs Way, Quebec Mega Trail, & Ultra Trail Cape Town.
From the founding press release:

"World Trail Majors was not born with the intention of confrontation or of solving all the problems of this fast-developing sport, but rather to provide a new, alternative path of development which aims to be inspirational to all runners and organisers."

On the podcast, we're joined by some of the Race Directors from the founding races of WTM -- Jamil Coury, Stu McConnachie, Janet Ng, & Steve Brammar. We discuss the founding vision, the values, the structure, and the future of the organization.



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