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The Freetrail Podcast with Dylan Bowman

Dec 16, 2021

Dakota Jones is an ultrarunner living in Bozeman, MT. Dakota is one of the best athletes of the last decade in the sport, with an amazing list of athletic accomplishments from some of the sport's most important races. At 31 years old, Dakota is now studying mechanical engineering at Montana State University with the goal of applying that education towards a career in environmentalism. In addition, Dakota runs the Footprints Running Camp, which endeavors to develop leaders in environmental and social justice. We talk all about Dakota's career, his education, his values driven approach to sport, his upcoming race at Hardrock and Freetrail's new sponsorship of the Footprints Running Camp. Footprints is releasing a film about the 2021 camp on Sunday 12/19 on YouTube.


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Link to the Film Premiere -- 12pm MST on SUNDAY, December 19th




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